Monday, January 30, 2012

Frame Your Child's Art

Here's a fun and arty way to make your child's paintings or drawings look like an art collection. All you need is a kid to make you some art (in my case, my niece), a quick trip to a store that sells frames (on sale is better) and a little bit of time.

Framing Supplies:

  • Child's drawings/paintings/art
  • Frames
  • Pre-cut mats (I like to buy the frames on sale at Michaels that come with mats)
  • Tape
  • Scissors (if you need to cut the paintings to fit)

If you need to cut the drawings to fit into the frames (my niece had painted me some pictures on randomly-sized paper) then go ahead and use the mats to frame the portion you want, then cut to size.

Obviously if you're planning this in advance, have your child draw a picture on paper that's that size you want...then you don't have to lose any of the art.

Fix the painting in place on the back with Scotch tape, then assemble the frame.

VoilĂ ! A cool and very relevant art collection.

*Photography by Sarah B. Danks*


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